Tallinger Associates LLC offers a unique combination of consulting services for food facility analysis, planning, design and management.  These services enable the client/consultant team to organize all of the aspects involved in the development of food facilities, from pre-design studies through all aspects of planning, design and contract management.

Senior Consultants and Associates are committed to develop creative design solutions that respond to functional requirements, technical needs and human/environmental factors.  Client expectations, opinions and concerns are always closely considered, so that design solutions become an extension of the operating philosophy developed between the client and consultant.

Services provided by Tallinger Associates for food and beverage operation include:

MASTER PLANNING                                                                                                           

  • Long Term Growth, Consolidation or Decline
  • Shared Services Study
  • Food Processing and Centralized Production
  • Transitional Development

MANAGEMENT ADVISORY SERVICES                                                              

  • Operational Reviews
  • Program Development
  • Evaluation of Existing Facilities
  • RFP Documents
  • Market Research
  • Production/Distribution Systems Analysis

FOOD SERVICE FACILITIES                                                                                 

  • Conceptual Planning
  • Schematic Flow Diagramming
  • Space Allocation
  • Design Development
  • Details and Equipment Specification
  • Capital Cost Assessment
  • Bid/Contract Documentation

RELATED PLANNING SERVICES                                                                         

  • Interior Design
  • Commercial Laundry Planning
  • Waste management


  • Bid Procedure and Evaluation
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Shop/Site Progress Review
  • Site Attendance
  • Equipment Inspection and Compliance Review
  • Deficiency Assessment and Resolution